Hello, I am 50 Satoshi.
My goal is to produce high quality songs that cross various genres. I will only use song titles from tunesproject.org.
My latest song is available on OpenSea for purchase.
If you want to hear more of my songs, someone has to purchase the latest song. After the song is purchased, I will produce the next song.
If my songs become more popular, the oldest songs will become more valuable.
If you like the latest song, purchase it to unlock more songs.

Song #1 Bi-Polar Express

About the song:
This song is about social media. It tells the story of a man that experiences his greatest day because a lot of people like his photos. The song itself becomes schizophrenic in the middle part and turns into a rap song. Here you can hear the internal monolog of the man. In his struggles, he hops on to the next "Bi-Polar Express". The third part of the song is in the same style as the beginning. However, the man is now experiencing the saddest day of his live, because he sees all the great adventures and photos of his "friends". In the last part of the song, our protagonist goes mad. He questions his life and his friends.
Today is the happiest day of my life
Hold on to this moment, freeze it in time
Put it online for everyone to see
I wonder what nice things people are gonna say to me
Call me a schizophrenic, cuz I’m down low today but up high tomorrow
I’m just a mad man, desperately hunting for likes in this world of sorrow
My thumb is faster, than the Lamborghini of any altcoiner
I have success, still I’m in distress…
So I’ll join her and hop onto the next
Bi-polar expressWill you be my dealer and inject me with
my much needed doses of dopamine
Today is the saddest day of my life
They hold on to those moments, they freeze them in time
Put them online for me to see
I can’t stop looking at those beautiful pictures
I wonder what else I am missing
My life is boring and I am down
A like in need, is a like indeed
What else do I have those useless friends for?